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I will be hosting a Meditation/Relaxation workshop on Saturday 9th April 2pm to 4pm at the Y Knot Yoga studio.

This course will be presented by Gopala Dasi from the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga in North Adelaide and will include the following :

Part 1 Learn some simple, easy to apply and effective meditation practices to achieve a deeper sense of peace in your daily life. You will learn how to cope better with stress as meditation enables us to calm our mind and relax our body. Meditation can also ease away stress and tension which improves our physical and mental well-being. The practice of meditation helps a person to develop clarity and wisdom, gaining a greater understanding of life. You can experience inner peace and lasting happiness by reawakening your natural spiritual consciousness and becoming self-realized.

Part 2 Meditation and philosophy… Where is lasting happiness to be found? In this class, you will experience various meditations from Part 1 as well as a talk based on the wisdom of yoga/meditation teachings. Cost is $20 per person and payments must be received no later than 1st April to secure your spot. This can be via cash or Electronic Funds Transfer.

There are limited numbers available so contact me at your earliest opportunity to secure your spot.

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