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Danni & Carrie

I would like to introduce Danni and Carrie who you will see from time to time here at the Y Knot Yoga studio. They will be covering classes this coming Tuesday 21/1, Wednesday 22/1 & Thursday 23/1. I have no doubt that you will all enjoy your time on the mat with these two amazing girls!

About Danni (photo left)

I’ve been practising yoga for over 15yrs, although the past 4yrs have really cemented my love for the practise. After the birth of my twins I began practising again as a way for me to take some time out for myself whilst trying to balance raising 3 children & working as a Visual Merchandiser. When I resumed regular practise, I found my level of passion & interest had grown into something deeper. For me, yoga is a way to calm the mind & find stillness within the chaos & pressure we all feel from time to time. It also serves as a gentle reminder for me to stay present & focus my energy on the ‘now’ rather than the past. I always looked to my teachers with admiration & gratitude for the practise & stillness they’d guided me through & knew I wanted to have the skills to help my students hold space & find stillness within their own practise.

About Carrie (photo right with Sam)

Carrie works as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and is a mother to 2 young boys. I first began attending hatha and vinyasa style classes to compliment the strength training I did in the gym. In doing so, I began to recognise many other health benefits that came from a regular yoga practice. In essence, it brought about a balance to my lifestyle through a deeper connection to the needs of my mind and my body. I love that I’m able to share this gift with others.

As a personal trainer, it allows me to be multi-faceted in my approach to supporting individuals with their health and fitness.

As a yoga teacher my practical approach allows people to explore their relationship with yoga at their own pace.

In such a fast-paced world, finding comfort in stillness and knowing when to slow down is a skill, but is necessary now more than ever.

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